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What is QSM3

Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) is a chiropractic method based on releasing the body’s neuro-fascial tension and compression patterns. Fascia is now the most neurologically dense tissue in the body. Our focus is on understanding the whole body breaks down which tightens, compresses, and twists to compensate for the injuries and weaknesses that have occurred over a person’s lifetime. The fascia contracts in different areas in reaction to your body’s inability to fully resist gravity. This is your spinal mechanics… Most people are actively holding a misaligned position in response to the constant force of gravity where there is head tilt, neck tilt, high and low shoulder, high and low hip, short and long leg, and twisting of the shoulders/hips.


Why Choose QSM3 and NUCCA Upper Cervical Care

NUCCA and QSM3 Chiropractor Norwood

We don’t chase symptoms, we go straight to the biggest cause of pain and loss of function, the nervous system. We see what’s blocking it, and fix it, letting your body regain the health and function it had lost.

NUCCA and QSM3 Chiropractor Norwood

You will be amazed by how gentle is gentle. No twisting or “popping” at New England Spinal Care. The precision we use allows us to work smarter, not harder. We are so gentle, we are even perfect for infants and newborns.

NUCCA and QSM3 Chiropractor Norwood

We provide state-of-the-art care with a patient-centered focus. We designed everything around the way we would like to be treated. This is why patients rate us an average of 95% on local reviews.

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Patient Success Stories

Thank you for the help you have given me with your different chiropractic methods. What a relief from pain, tension, and stressed areas! You are in the top of your class in your chosen profession!!

Peggy Gaich, Patient

Now I have no neck pain, am able to garden, work on computer, work as a puppeteer, etc. without pain. I am 100% better and it only took about 1 – 2 months!

Diane Kordas, Patient

After my first upper cervical adjustment I could move my neck more easily and further (freely) side to side with less shoulder and back pain.

Beverly Aronson, Patient