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".....I can say that where a lot of the other methods came up short, NUCCA and Dr. Andy exceeded my expectations. When you have such a huge arsenal of tools and use them all so effectively it’s hard to walk out of Dr. Andy’s office thinking nothing but I have hope."

Eric Johnson

".....I frankly cannot imagine our lives without Dr. Smyth’s skilled hands and fantastic sense of humor! The care he has provided my family and me has never been any less than outstanding and dramatic."
~Irene Burds


QSM3Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) is a new approach in chiropractic and upper cervical care.  It came about as a result of re-examining the founding ideas of NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) and getting different answers to those foundational ideas.
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No Popping, Twisting, or Cracking.

We practice NUCCA Chiropractic Care, a progressive highly advanced procedure that is extremely precise and gentle unlike any other kind of care.

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Please see below some photos of our comfortable, state of the art offices at New England Spinal Care.



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This is what body misalignment looks like


Gentle Chiropractic care without the crack, pop & twisting

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